Edward Scissorhands d’Avalon

NameEdward Scissorhands d
ColorHomozygous Black
Height16 hand
As a young Foal he was chosen to be a registered Stallion in the RPSI Book. Edward Scissorhands has some of the top jumping blood flowing through his veins, He exhibits talent and the athletic ability to be top of the game. Coming in a sleek, shiny black package. His conformation is balanced and with three beautiful gaits, he is bred to compete and excel. Edward was presented to RPSI and received his provisional license. Edward successfully completed the 70 Day Stallion Performance Test on November 10th, 2012, thereby fulfilling his performance requirements with RPSI! Edward was gelded in 2014, to open the door for Junior riders or Amateurs which might be hesitant to show a stallion I purchased Edward for my own horse. After riding him and enjoying his unbelievable Personality I would like to see him go to a show home. His Flat work would make George Morris proud. For me the most important part of his training is completed, from there anything goes. Edwards jump is large but not as gymnastic as some horses so he makes for a great ride for both professional and Amateur. He comfortably can jump in the 1.5 m classes His scope is limitless. Big Eq., Derby’s this boy will blow you away. When you are finished with your course he will politely walk away, ready for his next exhibition. Another one of the greatest part of owning a horse like Edward is he has not been point chased, so his limbs and joints have not been over stressed. He is 8yrs old and is really coming into his own. His show career is ready to go. Photo credit: Tami Wieingartner
SireEscudo II (han)EspriEiger
DamMorticia (old)